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All our servers are located at Reynolds House Datacentre, Manchester Technology Park, Manchester, UK. This enterprise datacentre provides first class security, high power resilience and powerful network connectivity.


Reynolds House is powered by 2 diverse feeds directly from the National Grid, with dual 2Mw standby diesel backup generators and enough on-site fuel to provide 5 days of backup power in the event of a supply failure. Additional agreements are in place for further fuel supplies beyond 5 days if needed. This provides incredible levels of reliability. Further backup includes a UPS in n+1 mode, which provides instant power to sustain all servers whilst the backup generators become operational in the extremely unlikely event of failure in both power feeds.


Need UK webhosting which is ultra fast? The data centre is connected by high-speed fibre optic connections at numerous entry points to the building, which allows for even higher levels of redundancy and performance.


Reynolds House has 24/7 manned security with motion-detection CCTV both externally and internally. Access is strictly controlled with an electronic management system, where all visitors must provide a unique per-visit access code before entry is permitted. Our technicians are allowed 24/7 unaccompanied access to all servers when needed, and all our equipment is proactively monitored 24/7 to ensure near-flawless operation.


All our servers (including the servers which your hosting will be on) are from the Poweredge range by Dell. They're powerful state-of-the-art machines which are recognised for their reliability and powersaving capabilities compared to older servers. This not only ensures that all our servers are fast, responsive and resilient, but it also keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum.

We really take good care of our hosting services from top to bottom. From the hardware at the data centre, right through to the friendly customer support. It's the only real way to get the low prices, great service and great support which we have strived for from day one.